Applying for a Visa to Egypt

Egypt is one of the most visited countries in the world due to its historical features and wonderful places to tour. As in most countries, it is a requirement for any person visiting Egypt for whatever purpose to possess a visa. There are several types of visa that a person can apply depending on the purpose of visiting which include tourist or business. The requirements for visa applications vary depending on the type of visa one is interested and the country of origin. It is vital for any person applying visa to Egypt to be aware of all the requirements and conditions before starting the process to avoid disappointments.

How to apply for a visa to Egypt

Egypt diplomatic mission

There are several channels that a person can apply for the visa to Egypt and the common one is the diplomatic mission of Egypt. A person can visit any diplomatic mission in any country where Egypt has a mission and apply for the visa. The visa is issued upon a person meeting all the requirements and that the person must avail all the documents needed.

Point of entry to Egypt

Citizens of some countries which are exempted may acquire their Egypt visa at the entry point to Egypt which includes airports, border entry points upon fulfilling the requirements. Visas obtained on arrival may vary in cost however it is crucial for a person to apply from the official
agent or visa kiosk.

E- visa application

E- Visa is becoming the common channel of visa application due to its simple application process and the convenience that comes with the
use of technology. An eligible person needs to send the documents electronically which are scanned information page of the passport. A person
makes payments before submitting the application using the convenience method like PayPal or debit card. The last step is to answer all the personal details that are needed and then submit the application. The process is fast as in most cases it takes less than twenty minutes and a person can contact the customer support in case of a problem.

Requirements for applying for Egypt visa

Requirements for a visa may vary depending on the country of origin or the type of visa that one is interested to apply. However, there are common documents that one should produce when applying for a visa which includes.

Valid passport

A passport should be valid for at least six months and should a have one or more blank visa page. It should also be in good condition
and not be worn or altered.


Two passport photographs are needed and should be very recent and must be of high quality. The front view should be very clear and the
face should be centered and showing neutral expression.

Visa application form

Visa application form should be well completed and all questions should be answered on the provided fields. The names should be well written in full as they appear on the passport and the signature should be clear. Visa central order form should also be included as per the requirements. It is vital to apply for the visa on time before one makes the trip and also ensure one does not go beyond the valid time as indicated on the visa to avoid facing the legal consequences.