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5 LASIK Post-Operative Things You Shouldn’t Do

There are several reasons as to why most people who rely on their contacts or eyeglasses decide to undergo LASIK surgery. For instance, people who work in dynamic environments can benefit by not having to wear them. The thought of having an improved vision after LASIK surgery is another main reason why people undergo laser eye surgery. LASIK surgery has helped improve the vision of millions of people around the world. However, just like any other type of surgeries, there are some guidelines that you must follow for the best possible results.

Before you decide to proceed with the eye surgery, our professionals will conduct a thorough eye exam. It’s also important that you share information on any previous eye diseases because this information will help us to determine whether you are an eligible candidate. It’s important that you heed to your doctor’s LASIK pre-operative and post-operative guidelines.

Don’t Drive your Car Immediately After the Surgery

Your surgeon will tell you that it’s forbidden to operate your car shortly after the LASIK surgery. The duration on how long you should not drive your car will depend on the healing period of your eyes. Most patients can usually drive their cars after two days as long as they don’t drive for long distances. In case you are sensitive to bright light, then it is strongly recommended that you wear sunglasses every time you are driving during the day.

Don’t Use Shampoos and Facial Products Shortly After the Laser Surgery

Although the surgeon will tell you that you can shower or take a bath normally the next day after your surgery, it’s important that you be extremely cautious and keep your facial or hair products away from the eye. Just to be safe, wait for a span of 5 days before using shampoo, soap, and body wash because they can easily get into your eyes. This will help the corneal tissue to heal quickly.

When soap, water, and shampoo or any other washing material enters your eye before the 5-day period, you can:

  • Experience irritation or burning sensation
  • Risk of having an eye infection
  • Accidentally aggravate your eye and experience dry eye symptoms
  • Risk rubbing your eyes and wrinkling the corneal flap fitted in your eye during the surgery

Don’t Forget to Meet With Your Doctor

Meetings with your eye care professional are meant to ensure that your eyes are healing properly. These meetings often take place after one week, a month, or even three months after the procedure, and they are important for the healing process.

Don’t Exercise Immediately After the Surgery

It’s advisable that you don’t exercise less than two days after the surgery, and after you resume your sporting activities be careful. However, indoor activities are allowed after 24 hours after the surgery. When you resume to your outdoor activities, ensure that you have eye shields. Physical activities like jogging are allowed after seven days while some extreme activities may require you to consult with your surgeon.

Avoid Touching Your Eyes Except for Eye Drops

It is prohibited to use anything that will enter the eye. It’s recommended that you get eye protectors to wear when sleeping to avoid poking or rubbing your eyes. Chances of infection increase when you touch your eyes and this can delay or completely damage the healing process.

In case you want to be free of your contacts and glasses and are interested in pursuing LASIK, Contact Cutarelli Vision today and we will answer your eye health questions and schedule a free LASIK evaluation.