Getting eVisa Online

Indian VisaA visa is an important travel document that grants you entry into a foreign country. Once in the country, you have the freedom to take part in various legal activities just like citizens of that country. Some of the activities you can participate in include, working, doing business, seeking medication, sporting activities, touring the country and seeking permanent residence.

In order to get a visa to India, you need to apply online. This you can no longer be achieved by visiting the Indian embassy and applying for the visa.  There is another better option which is India visa online application process. It is not only fast but also user-friendly. To kickstart your application, simply visit a reliable India Visa online application website like While on that platform, you will get a chance to apply for the following types of electronic visas:

  • Medical
  • Business
  • Tourist
The three types of visa will give you a chance to participate in various activities. You can confirm those legal activities under each type of visa by accessing this website
Before you go forth with the application process, it is necessary you confirm your eligibility as a visa applicant. The India Bureau of Immigration has rolled out a number of requirements every applicant needs to meet to be eligible for an Indian Visa. For instance, you need to produce the following documents:
  • A valid passport
  • Passport size photo

The above documents will go into verifying your identity. So, ensure they indeed belong to you in order to prevent any complications that might come by. Once you are eligible to apply for an Indian visa, there is a process you will be subjected to. The process has steps that need to be followed when applying for this important travel document.

Steps involved in India Visa Online application process

  • Fill an online Indian visa application form. This form has fields or rather spaces. Fill in your correct and accurate personal details. The details will help in your identification.
  • Review your details. Go through the filled form to eradicate any mistakes you might have committed.
  • Payments. Pay the visa application fee. Then submit your application form for processing.
Once the application form has been approved, you will receive a notification confirming that. Furthermore, your visa will be sent to you through your email. Remember, processing of an electronic visa takes little time. So, in a nick of time, you will be ready to travel to India to engage in various legal activities. Just ensure you follow the set application guidelines so that you will not miss out on this document.
Once you arrive in India, you will have to produce your printed visa for verification. The visa will be checked by a competent immigration agent. Then you will be permitted to go ahead with your activities in the country. Ensure you have another copy of your Indian visa. It will really come in handy especially when you misplace the other one.

The online visa application process has really brought ease in acquiring a visa. A lot of time and energy is now being saved unlike in the past when you had to do the application from the embassy.