Save money and time with your customized cannabis irrigation kit

A tried and tested irrigation system is the best possible thing that you can have for your garden or greenhouse.  Most importantly, it saves water when used in replace of other more traditional techniques like simply spraying with a hose or watering can.  Often these commercial cannabis irrigationmethods leaves pools of water than can flush seeds and soak soil.  A drip irrigation technique will slowly drip water right where you want it to, which is usually at the base of the plant.  The drip lines can be engineered however you want, and the larger layout can be designed to specifically hit each plant.  Aside from drip irrigation there are also several other techniques that are more effective and more water efficient than just spraying with a hose.

If you are growing cannabis, either commercially or privately, you will likely need an irrigation system to keep things regulated.  Even just having a few plants can be a lot of work because they are tender plants.  The soil, fertilizer, water, humidity, and light need to be at a certain level to get the best results.  You may have seen the larger scale greenhouses for commercial cannabis growing, which almost always have a professionally designed irrigation system.  When grown in the right conditions, some cannabis plants can reach 9 or 10 feet tall!  A custom cannabis irrigation kit is recommended with commercial growing so that you can remain competitive.  Likely this system should have the built-in fertilizer injector, a drip line or spout, grow lights, stakes if needed for the larger plants, and an easy to use control panel.

So why is drip irrigation so much better?  The number one reason is water conservation.  Spraying gets water where you need it to but also all around where you don’t.  Drip irrigation only drips the water exactly where you need it and at a slow rate so that the plant doesn’t drown.  The slow and steady drip stays in the same place, continually watering the plant for as little or as long as you like.  Pressure can be regulated simply with the spigot or by installing a regulator on the line.  For cannabis, fertilizers can also be infused into the water source so they are constantly being added as well.  When your water isn’t being wasted all around the plant, you save time, money, and extra effort for clean up.  Customized irrigation systems are also great because the line design can follow your own unique garden setup.  The drip holes can also be tailored to your plant spacing.  Regular drip lines that are just sold at the store have a standard width between holes that you have to adhere to for the most part.

Now that recreational marijuana is becoming legalized in more and more states, the cannabis growing and irrigation business may boom and bust in a few years.  We still seem to be in the boom right now because the states added each year are only a handful.  The rest of the country is still traveling for the most part to enjoy recreational sale and use.  But the demand has been felt.