The biggest single reason why hemp oil extraction is such big business today is because of the fact that hemp oil is becoming one of the most popular natural remedies used in the country. A recent study discovered that hemp oil can be used to help keep a good hormonal balance in people going through menopause because hemp oil helps preserve acids which can become depleted during menopause and cause the process to speed up. Doctors all over the country have begun recommending that their patients take regular hemp oil supplements during and after menopause. Another major study has found that hemp oil contains properties which help maintain low cholesterol levels in people with a history of high cholesterol. Unlike traditional drugs used for keeping cholesterol number in check, hemp oil doesn’t bring all of the unwanted secondary effects with it, making it especially popular among people who have had bad experiences with pharmaceutical drugs in the past. A large hemp producer, recently conducted a survey among their clients in order to determine the different reasons why people were using hemp oil, and a staggering fifty percent of the people said that they were using it to treat a medical issue. For people that have used hemp oil for decades, the news that hemp oil can help keep healthy doesn’t really come as a surprise. In fact, ancient people were using hemp oil for its medicinal purposes more than a thousand years ago. As science continues to investigate the medical benefits that hemp may provide, the chances are that the demand for hemp will continue to rise.

Another reason why cbd oil extraction is at an all-time high is because of the fact that hemp oil is being used in countless different beauty products. While hemp oil has been used in beauty products in Europe for decades, it was not until recently that a number of large cosmetic goods makers in this country began adding hemp oil to many of their products. Hemp soap is one of the most popular types of soap in America right now, with hundreds of companies using it to make everything from luxury brand soaps which cost as much as fifty dollars a bar, right down to basic bath soap that people can purchase right in their local super market. The use of hemp in skin creams is also becoming more popular by the day. Hemp oil keeps skin hydrated for far longer than other synthetic components are able to, not to mention the fact that hemp oil replaces the need for alcohol in skin cream, making it less irritating for people with sensitive skin.

Finally, the hemp industry is getting a ton of new business simply because hemp crops grow in many places in this country. The USA is currently the largest hemp producer in the world, and not only is the hemp produced here produced in huge volumes, it is also said to be the finest hemp grown anywhere in the world. Thanks to premium growing conditions the hemp industry is thriving in this country.