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How Spine Surgery is Different Today

If you have to undergo spine surgery you should know that it has come a long way. There have been many medical advancements in spine surgery and this article will cover those advancements and what spine surgery used to look like and why you should be grateful you are undergoing surgery today and not in the past. There are many new techniques and tools that have even just recently become available for surgeons to use in surgery. These new techniques and tools have helped patients get better outcomes and less side effects associated with the surgeries.  


spine surgeryThere has been a lot more minimally invasive techniques used today compared to the past. This makes surgery much safer for the patient and reduces the risk of any complications. Patients who undergo minimally invasive techniques return to normal much faster than the patients who undergo more invasive techniques. And a lot of these patients can even go home the same day as the surgery. These advances will also help the doctors to use less radiation on patients. Radiation is very dangerous for everyone involved in the surgery.


The robotic technologies developed have also helped make the surgeries more successful. It takes meticulous hand movement and there can be no errors when performing these surgeries so the advancement of robotics is changing the game. Also, a lot of these surgeries take a very long time and this can cause the doctor performing the surgery to become exhausted which can cause him to make an error. Again the advancement in robotics will help mitigate this risk.


There have also been discoveries with biologically active agents to help with treatment. These agents are used to restore the spine and its function. They stimulate the bone and help it grow. There are not a lot of biologically active agents out there yet but with time there will be many options pertaining to this.  


Another recent advancement is the use of artificial disc replacement. This can help a patient avoid more surgeries in the future. This is very great now because of the aging population. There will need to be more surgeries done because the bones will be deteriorating and with the disc replacement this will fix the need for future surgeries.


There have been many advancements in the technologies used in spine surgery that have helped make surgery much more successful. The equipment used in surgery has advanced quite a bit as well. It will only continue to advance and get better as time goes on too. Instead of having to fuse a patient’s spine the doctors can utilize the updated devices to help maintain the movement of the spine in the patient. With the aging population, we will continue to see more advancements to help preserve the bones.


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