Medical marijuana is increasing in popularity

When recreational marijuana was first legalized in Colorado and Washington in 2012, it felt like we were only a couple years away from the federal government declassifying it as a schedule one drug. Several years later, the federal government has yet to make that step but many other states have followed the examples of Colorado and Washington and have continued to pass laws that decriminalize marijuana activity and allow for individual states to open marijuana dispensaries. One excellent Side effect of the passing of recreational marijuana use laws is that it has encouraged scientists to increase their research on how marijuana use affects the body. This is particularly helpful for people that are interested in marijuana for medical use.

Many claims have been made about the uses and treatment of medical marijuana. While the research is still young, Studies have shown that marijuana can be an excellent pain reliever, and anti-inflammatory, a sleep aid, and an appetite stimulant. While skeptics have scoffed at some of these claims, there is no denying the many anecdotal stories of people that have been able to reduce the number of seizures they have, or gain back some of the normal activities in life that they were not able to do prior to beginning treatment with medical marijuana. Some critics have said that people are making these claims simply because they want to get high, and they are hiding behind this claim in order to do so. However, many patients that use medical marijuana and to treat their symptoms often use CBD oil as their preferred treatment method.

CBD oil is an oil that is derived from the marijuana plant that has very little or no THC in it. THC is the psychoactive chemical compound that creates the euphoric feeling of being high when it is smoked. When you consume cannabis products that do not have THC, then you do not have the psycho active reaction. This allows people to use medical marijuana the same way that you might use Ibuprofen or aspirin. It relieves your pain but it does not put your brain into a fog.

In Denver, there are Canabis boutique shops that cater specifically to medical marijuana products that are low in THC. The most popular way to get a medical marijuana product that is low in THC is to purchase CBD oil which can then be consumed through a vape pen or applied topically, or even put into food and eaten. CBD is the chemical compound in marijuana that has many of the pain relieving aspects. There are growers that are producing cannabis strains that are naturally low in THC and high in CBD, but often the only way to get a marijuana product that is completely free of THC, you need to purchase an oil that has been extracted from the plant. During the extraction process, the lab can filter out THC. Then a patient can enjoy the many different pain relieving properties of marijuana without experiencing any negative side effects.